The Early Beginnings of Zippers

Zippers are probably among the simplest and most ingenious inventions ever made. Zippers play an important role in the lives of the people. You can see them on your clothes, your tent, your backpacks, and your suitcases. They are essential to your day to day life just like other simple inventions. But, have you ever wondered who created the world’s first zipper?

The very first person who patented the zipper in 1851 was Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine. But, he didn’t really bother to get things off the ground probably because his sewing machine invention became a big hit. The idea of the zipper got stowed away for over four decades until another inventor, Whitcomb Judson, tried to market it. The zipper debuted during the World’s Fair in 1983 but it still didn’t catch on.

Around that same time that the zipper was debuted at the World’S Fair, Judson established the Universal Fastener company where he employed the services of Gideon Sundback. After years of hard work, he developed modern zipper in year 1913. The modern zipper is basically less than 100 years older than iPad. Unfortunately, Sundback didn’t come up with a fun and clever name of zipper. It went to B.F Goodrich company rather.

Zippers were originally used for closing boots and tobacco pouches. It is funny that something as useful as zippers gained popularity on tobacco’s back. When zippers were used for clothes, they’re first used in men’s fashion. Although there are some pants today that don’t have zippers, more men would rather choose zippers compared to buttons. Adding zippers to the clothes have no changes. Still, zippers are part of most clothes.

These days, zippers are the most used fastener because of the fact that its practicality exceeds other fastener. Clasps, buttons, and some fasteners leave openings. Zippers are basically the only way to fasten something closed completely. Whatever type of zippers you need, you can buy zippers wholesale from this site.